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Xpedition FlexNet Licensing Issue Diagnostics

November 4, 2022

Within the present memo, we recommend a few quick checks that you can perform to make sure that your Siemens EDA Xpedition (including HyperLynx) FlexLM licensing is configured correctly. And to find the root of licensing issues if needed.

A. Check the text license file

Please make sure that your license file is configured correctly. It can be opened and edited with any text editor you have at your disposal:

  1. put_server_name_here – please replace this line with the name of the PC you are running for licensing.
  2. 12-signs code after is the MAC address of the PC you are using as a licensing server (in most cases local PC), make sure it is correct (details are available here).
  3. path_to_mgcld – please replace this string with the path to the file MGCLD.exe (it has to be available on your PC after installation). Do not forget to use the quotes around.

This is how your license file should look when ready for usage:

B. Make sure you have correct installation files

We oftentimes see that the installation files our customers trying to use are incorrect, downloaded from open sources, old installation files, or just related to another product. Please make sure that you use the correct installation files advised by your distributor of Xpedition/HyperLynx.

Typical error messages:

  • Internal Error in Licensing: 1164
  • Error: Failed in license. License request for nbpack feature failed

C. Review the information visible in LMTOOLS application

LMTOOLS provides good additional possibilities for troubleshooting. FIle LMTOOLS on your PC, run it and perform the following actions:

  1. Check if the PC name and MAC address are correct and match the data indicated in the license file:
  1. Try restarting the server and rereading the license file with the buttons Re-Read License File / Stop license / Start license.
  1. Perform License File Status Enquiry, the following picture shows a successfully read license keys:
  1. Make sure that everything is correct in the “Config Services” tab.

D. Check if you have more FlexLM licenses on a PC

Avoid having different versions of FlexLM licenses on the same computer, it may cause software conflicts between the current and legacy license setups.

Typical error message:

  • FlexNet Licensing Erroe:-10,32

In that case, we recommend communicating with Sintecs and requesting a new license file.

E. Make sure you have the correct system variables

Specifically, make sure that you have at least one main variable defined correctly, it can be called MGLS_LICENSE_FILE or LM_LICENSE_FILE.

Correctly defined system variables may look as shown below:

F. Make sure there are no issues caused by network or PC configuration, firewalls, and other software

The last very common issue is just the configuration of your network or PC. Every computer (in combination with the installed software) is absolutely unique and there is a good chance that this specific PC you are using for HyperLynx has some incompatible limitations or security software blocking licensing software data packages from passing by. We recommend involving your ICT specialist to make sure that this is not the case.
If you have more questions about the process of installing and configuring HyperLynx please read the article of Sintecs dedicated to this topic.

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