PADS Professional Premium

Sintecs is an authorized distributor of Siemens EDA. PADS Professional Premium is a unique complete (schematic design, layout design, signal integrity package, supply control) offer for electronics designers supported by special promo conditions.

PADS Pro Premium

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With integrated design data management, component research, and sourcing knowledge, PADS Professional Premium offers an end-to-end system design solution. It’s an affordable and intelligent PCB design and verification flow that provides compatibility with Xpedition technology and enables extended collaboration for hardware engineers and small workgroups.

PADS Professional Premium utilizes the same technological foundation as the one employed in developing the most intricate PCBs worldwide. This solution is ideal for PCB designers and hardware engineers working individually or in small/medium teams of 1-10 specialists. It offers a complete package for designing complex PCBs through a tightly integrated workflow, including features such as:

  • hierarchical schematic and table-based design creation with smart part selection and verification;
  • logical and physical variant management;
  • rigid-flex design capabilities;
  • FPGA I/O optimization to decrease the signal length and layer count;
  • unified constraint definition and management system;
  • allows easy design reuse of schematic, constraints, and layout
  • board-level thermal analysis;
  • component information, and library management subsystem;
  • analog/mixed-signal SPICE simulation;
  • PCB documentation and manufacturing outputs;
  • design archive management, and design review instrument.

Starter library

The starter EDA library available from Sintecs has over 70,000 part numbers and is IPC compliant. With additional 11,000 components coming from Siemens, new users have a very solid foundation to jumpstart right into designing.

Layout editor

The industry’s most powerful interactive routing environment for large busses as well as single-ended and differential pair nets includes also the following features:

  • single layout environment;
  • concurrent 2D and 3D physical design;
  • correct-by-construction approach to placement, plane design, and routing;
  • incorporates hierarchical component planning and placement;
  • effective sketch routing;
  • advanced fabrication design.

Reasons to choose PADS Professional Premium

  1. Top technology for a reasonable price.
    PADS Professional is a state-of-the-art PCB design solution that brings Xpedition technology to small-medium businesses and engineering professionals who work outside a corporate CAD environment. This cutting-edge solution empowers users to design, validate, and manufacture complex PCBs.
  2. Professional support by Sintecs.
    Our core business is developing high-end electronics boards. We are using PADS Professional Premium for these matters on daily basis. The accumulated experience is available for every customer of Sintecs.
  3. Siemens EDA ecosystem.
    By choosing PADS Professional for PCB design, you join the ecosystems of industry leaders Siemens and Sintecs. PADS Professional is tightly integrated with key Siemens technologies for electronics such as Valor NPI, HyperLynx, Simcenter Flotherm XT, Solid Edge, and Process Preparation.

Free Evaluation

Sintecs is ready to support customers interested in PADS Pro Premium by providing a free time-limited license.

If you or your colleagues are interested in evaluating the newly developed HyperLynx solution available on special promo conditions, please use the request form located at the left of the current page. We will contact you back right after the request is received and processed by the specialists of Sintecs.

Please note that the maximum trial period is limited by a term of 30 days.

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