Xpedition Enterprise

Sintecs is an authorized distributor of Siemens EDA. Xpedition Enterprise is a comprehensive EDA software suite used to design and verify complex PCBs and ICs for various industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, and consumer electronics.

Xpedition Enterprise

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Design management

The engineering data management system offered by Xpedition enables the efficient creation and management of engineering component libraries as well as design data. This ensures that product development processes are carried out with high levels of quality, integrity, and security.


With its highly automated functionality and user-friendly interface, Xpedition provides PCB designers with cutting-edge technologies to create even the most complex designs. This combination of ease-of-use and advanced features sets Xpedition apart as an industry leader in PCB design software.


Xpedition offers multi-disciplinary systems engineering solutions that enable integration, collaboration, and co-design across various domains including IC packaging, multiboard, RF, harness, FPGA, and MCAD. These solutions ensure that the technologies delivered are highly flexible and intuitive, catering to your demands.

Parallel design

Xpedition’s PCB design software supports concurrent engineering throughout the product development process, with multi-user and multi-site tool capabilities. By enabling flow-based design processes, significantly reduces design cycles and improves product quality.

Design quality

By verifying designs during the design phase, Xpedition ensures that products have zero defects, resulting in high-quality and manufacturable products. This optimization process reduces design errors and rework, while also improving product performance and quality, excluding unnecessary prototyping re-spins.

Professional support

Sintecs has core expertise in developing high-end electronics boards and employs Xpedition Enterprise software for these purposes on a daily basis. We offer professional support, drawing on our accumulated experience in this field. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality services to meet every specific need.

Free Evaluation

Sintecs is ready to support customers interested in Xpedition Enterprise by providing a free time-limited license.

If you or your colleagues are interested in evaluating the newly developed HyperLynx solution available on special promo conditions, please use the request form located at the left of the current page. We will contact you back right after the request is received and processed by the specialists of Sintecs.

Please note that the maximum trial period is limited by a term of 30 days.

Price of Xpedition Enterprise

Please reach our sales team at eda@sintecs.eu to get the quote that would suit your needs and capabilities.

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