HyperLynx SI DDRx

Sintecs is an authorized reseller of Siemens EDA HyperLynx toolset. HyperLynx SI DDRx bundle has a complete set of features required for full and automated verification of DDR and LDDR 3/4/5 interfaces.

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Package Lineup

  1. Pre-layout simulations (LineSim)
  2. Post-layout simulations (BoardSim)
  3. IBIS simulations, stackup editing, EMC, Multiboard
  4. Loss and Crosstalk import, use S-parameter models in simulations
  5. DDRx wizard, integrated SI and timing verification, DDR5 and LPDDR5 with IBIS-AMI models, advanced DDRx AMI
  6. Pulse response simulation (model free)
  7. EZWave waveform display

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Free Trial License

Sintecs is able to provide you with a free of charge trial license of the HyperLynx SI DDRx bundle upon request. Please use the form on the left of the webpage.
Please note that the maximum trial period is limited by the term of 30 days. We recommend having a 15-days trial first and another 15 days period later if something stays really unclear. Or if within the first 15 days there were issues with setting up licences or software.

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