HyperLynx SI ALT

Sintecs is an authorized reseller of Siemens EDA HyperLynx tooling. For the HyperLynx SI ALT bundle, we have a special promo offer. Hurry up to get the best price available on the market.

HyperLynx Free Trial

Get HyperLynx SI ALT Bundle
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€ 1999/year
Regular price: € 2899/year

Package Lineup

  1. Basic SI
  2. LineSim
    • Perform analysis on exported net
    • Modify topology
    • Modify via
    • Simulate topology
    • Multiple nets
    • Setup net structure (from scratch)
    • Differential nets export and setup
  3. BoardSim
    • Simple interactive simulation
    • Interactive sweep analysis
    • Batch mode simulation: SI, Crosstalk
    • Export net to linesim
    • Multiboard setup and analysis performed
    • Termination wizard
    • Coupled transmission lines (crosstalk)
    • EMC simulation
  4. Reporting


  • HyperLynx SI ALT’s pre-layout topology editor with built-in crosstalk supports exhaustive design space exploration or quick “what-if” decisions during design.
  • HyperLynx SI ALT’s automated post-route extraction with crosstalk provides rapid PCB verification before releasing a design to manufacturing.
  • HyperLynx SI ALT gets tightly integrated with Altium Designer via HyperLynx Connector for full feature signal integrity analysis.
    The shockingly low price of only 1999 Euro makes HyperLynx SI ALT the best price-for-value offer on the market.

Free Evaluation

Sintecs is ready to support customers interested in HyperLynx SI ALT bundle by providing a free time-limited license.

If you or your colleagues are interested in evaluating the newly developed HyperLynx solution available on special promo conditions, please use the request form located at the left of the current page. We will contact you back right after the request is received and processed by the specialists of Sintecs.

Please note that the maximum trial period is limited by the term of 30 days.

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