Signal Integrity Analysis

Better signal integrity

Are you encountering challenges with high-speed interfaces more and more? Are you designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are ready for modern demands? Want to make sure they are efficient, durable, and perform in the best way possible? Want to save time testing each single design iteration of your PCB?

Then we at Sintecs know what you need. High speeds occur more often than you might think. Even when working with standard technologies like DDR, USB, and PCI-E high speeds and timing issues are becoming more common. We at Sintecs know the industry best practices and solve the most complex cases because of years of experience and knowledge.

We provide impact on your designs by providing you with better signal integrity solutions, increasing the durability and performance of your electronic designs.

Our track record

Sintecs signal integrity analysts know how to work within the margins of complex high-speed interfaces. Our engineers use each tool at their disposal in their quest for the best from a full-wave solver or a power-aware crosstalk analysis. They possess excellent knowledge of telecommunication, networking, and consumer systems domains.

How we make your signals great

From simple analysis to complex full-wave analysis, we do it all. We combine detailed geometry design drawings with analysis software to give highly informative insights into your design. These result in detailed reports that show information about field lines, possible crosstalk, and how this might affect surrounding components and devices. Reports give our professionals great insights on the potential performance of your design and how we can improve and optimize it.

We worry about high speeds, timing, rise times, and steep slopes, so you don’t have to. We make sure your design works the best way possible while meeting all required certification needs.

Our way of working

We use proven design methodologies with strict internal guidelines and review processes. At the same time, we have an extreme commitment to your deadlines and have a reputation for being flexible so you can deliver on time.

Your next step

Are you ready to take the next step towards getting in control of your electronics design? Get in touch!

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