ECAD Library Development

ECAD component library development

There are times when urgency dictates outside support is needed to complete a project on time, when there is no time or resources to do things yourself, or when the internal cost of creating new component models and conducting the content research is too expensive. Sintecs ECAD library creation service can help in situations just like these. Fast response time, high quality and low cost are the key drivers for Sintecs library creation and verification service.

Schematic part creation

Schematic part libraries eliminate the time-consuming process of entering part and pin information and PCB footprint libraries also save time and reduce risk by providing optimal geometry for most PCB processes.

Sintecs offers a complete solution for the creation of schematic symbols and PCB footprints. Our library services are available for a single part, a project BOM of parts, or a complete corporate library. We are your One-Stop resource for schematic symbols.

  • Symbols built for most major tools
  • Symbols built to Corporate Standards & Industry Standards
  • Quick Turnaround time from Order to Delivery
  • Standard Attributes – Custom Attributes
  • Schematic Symbol-to-Land Pattern Association
  • Schematic Symbol Datasheet Supplied
  • Affordable Pricing for a single part thru complete BOM

Footprint creation

An optimal PCB layout is critical to the design of every electronic product. However, even before a PCB tape-out begins, it is important to start with high-quality PCB footprints for all components. To support PCB designers in this regard, Sintecs provides high-qualified PCB footprint libraries.

Our footprint libraries are created according to the IPC-7351A standards.

Our way of working

We use proven design methodologies with strict internal guidelines and review processes. At the same time, we have an extreme commitment to your deadlines and have a reputation for being flexible so you can deliver on time.

Your next step

Are you ready to take the next step towards getting in control of your electronics design? Get in touch!

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