Expert Partner Siemens

Sintecs is an independent engineering company authorized as an official distributor of Siemens EDA. We are representing various solutions for the businesses making electronics worldwide.

We operate in the rapidly changing field of electronics, where the speed of innovations is constantly accelerating. Sintecs is driven to assist you in your electronic design automation challenges to enable your engineers to adapt quickly to this dynamic environment.


PADS Professional is user-friendly, catering to small to medium-sized PCB design teams. It offers an intuitive interface for creating schematics, layouts, and simulations. Affordable and with a simplified workflow, it’s ideal for entry-level and mid-range projects.

Xpedition Enterprise is a comprehensive EDA platform for large-scale and complex PCB designs. It features high-speed design, team collaboration, and advanced signal integrity analysis. Suited for enterprise-level projects, it delivers superior performance and scalability.

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HyperLynx SI optimizes signal integrity, addressing issues like reflections, crosstalk, and timing violations for reliable high-speed designs. HyperLynx PI focuses on power distribution network analysis, identifying voltage drops, excessive current, and noise. HyperLynx Thermal assesses PCB thermal performance, predicting hotspots for optimal cooling. These tools offer insights, enabling iterative design improvements for robust electronic systems. The choice of specific HyperLynx tools depends on project requirements and analysis needs.

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Sintecs offers two powerful tools: IBIS DS and the HyperLynx Connector. IBIS DS is versatile software for viewing, editing, and verifying IBIS models in graphical or text modes. Its built-in golden parser ensures seamless model verification. The free IBIS viewer provides accessible functionalities.

The HyperLynx Connector tightly integrates Altium Designer and HyperLynx, enabling comprehensive SI and PI analyses. This add-in simplifies simulation setup and empowers layout engineers with automated workflows and detailed modeling within Altium’s familiar environment.

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