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Release of HyperLynx Connector for Altium

February 15, 2024

About the Release

Sintecs announces the release of the updated version of HyperLynx Connector, specifically designed for Altium users who seek to conduct signal integrity (SI) analysis or power integrity (PI) simulations utilizing HyperLynx, a product of Siemens EDA. This latest version, labeled, is now available for download through Altium’s “Extensions and Updates” section, as well as on the Sintecs website: open HyperLynx Connector webpage.

HyperLynx Connector extension

The new release builds upon the features of its predecessors by introducing several enhancements and fixes:

  1. Multiple improvements have been implemented in the PI analysis configuration.
  2. The user interface has been upgraded, along with general optimization of the interface.
  3. Previously known bugs have been addressed, ensuring compatibility with Altium versions 23.7 and above:
    1. Group input data issues for Sink ICs have been rectified.
    2. Corrections have been made to the resistance values for Series Components.
    3. The “Copy to Value” function has been fixed.
    4. Resolved issues related to IC Source.
    5. A default value of 0 Ohms is now set for Series Components.
    6. The stackup thickness calculation has been corrected.
    7. Issues in the LayerStack tab have been resolved.
    8. Inductivity for BC components has been included.
    9. Various other corrections and improvements have been made.
    10. Additionally, this version introduces a new test project, “Sintecs_Demo_Board,” which is a SMARC system-on-module centered around the i.MX6 CPU from NXP.
New test project in HyperLynx Connector

About HyperLynx Connector

HyperLynx Connector from Sintecs is an extension for Altium, offering electronic engineers the capability to utilize HyperLynx’s advanced features without leaving the familiar Altium environment.

About HyperLynx

HyperLynx, a comprehensive suite from Siemens EDA, offers professional solutions for signal integrity and power integrity simulations, among other functionalities. It enables engineers to verify the SI/PI adequacy of their designs. The HyperLynx SI ALT bundle, a collaborative effort between Sintecs and Siemens EDA, is tailored for Altium users interested in exploring the foundational capabilities of this tooling. 

Your Next Steps

Download and install HyperLynx Connector today to enjoy the capabilities of HyperLynx. If you don’t yet have HyperLynx license, there is a free 30-day trial of HyperLynx SI ALT available for you:

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