Training in 2024: Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, High Speed Design

Sintecs’ training

Sintecs’ training about signal integrity, power integrity and high speed design makes you familiar with high speed design and signal integrity / power integrity issues at the board level. Our training covers transmission lines and their effects on digital circuits and printed circuit boards.

In this training, signal integrity and power integrity examples from real-world designs are presented. And used to show the need of understanding signal integrity issues and applying sound signal integrity principles to your PCB designs.

Once again, we are teaming up with Rod Strange from Fast Edges for our annual training. Rod Strange’s expertise and engaging teaching style will ensure an interactive and informative learning experience for all attendees.


What you will learn

In this three day class, you will gain a better understanding of:

  • Transmission lines and their effect on digital circuitry
  • Printed circuit boards: drivers, receivers, Zo, Zdiff, stackup
  • Termination, topology, timing, parasitics, etc
  • Differential pair: routing, timing, crosstalk, common mode, terminating, multi-GHz
  • Crosstalk: microstrip vs stripline, forward & reverse, timing & jitter, understanding and preventing
  • Power integrity: planes, stackup, capacitors – ESL, size, location, mounting inductance
  • Reference planes: ground, power, return currents, splits, crosstalk, stitch caps
  • Vias: reference changes, stub lengths, stackup, making high speed vias, impedance
  • Connectors: pinouts for high speed return current & crosstalk
  • PCB losses: Skin effect, dielectric loss – DF or tan(δ), FWE Fiber Weave Effect, copper roughness, microstrip vs stripline
  • S parameters: what they mean, how they can help
  • Testing issues: equipment, probes, test points
  • Models: IBIS, drivers, receivers, simulators and accuracy


Eye Diagram zonder masker


  • Digital Design Engineers
  • ECAD Designers with some High-Speed experience
  • Technicians with High-Speed experience
  • Those who want to further their knowledge on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Signal Integrity issues
  • No advanced math is needed

Course details

  • Dates: autumn 2024 (specific dates are going to be defined shortly).
  • Locations: Germany/Netherlands (separate sessions).
  • Teachers: Rod Strange, Hans Klos.
  • Language: English.
  • Price for a three-day training, including training materials and lunch, excluding travel and accomodation: will be defined soon, excl. VAT.
  • There is a minimum of 10 registrations and a maximum of 20 registrations for this training.
  • Preliminary registration is open now.
  • Assistance with accommodation available on request.

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