Enthusiastic and driven engineers that bring years of professional experience to your electronic design projects. They will tackle challenges and bring innovations that you have never thought of. This is what Sintecs is all about. We have a proven track record supporting businesses in various industries.
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How we design right first time

01 Requirements
As a vendor of high-end electronic solutions, you will inevitably face many design challenges shaping the future device. Whether your constraints come from mechanical restrictions, functionality, components, or specific certification. Our consultants will use their experience to find your exact design requirements together with you. Everything to make your high-tech products and innovations shine.
02 Documenting
Documenting and guarding the results are an integral part of a successful design. We report design choices and applied technologies to use and integrate into your product development processes. Accurate documentation on different stages of an R&D project in accordance with best practices is key to the successful realization of complex electronic solutions close to the Client’s expectations.
03 Manual Cross-Checking
Our multidisciplinary team uses a complex multi-stage quality assurance flow to achieve the first time right. One of the critical mandatory steps is cross-checking between same-expertise engineers and between the teams. Both vital and minor design choices are reviewed in these moments, and the impact in future process steps is significantly reduced. Thus, we decrease the probability of errors and long lead times while increasing quality.
04 Automated Checks
Sintecs’ core competencies are in-depth checks and analyses. You are getting your design ready before manufacturing and reducing the number of manufacturing prototypes as much as possible. With signal- and power integrity analysis, crosstalk checks, timing analysis, and design for manufacturing and assembly (DFM/DFA), we make your design the best it can be, without unnecessary prototyping stages.
Given that Sintecs strives to design on the edge of what is technically feasible, we highly value well-organized work. In order to assure our product quality, we have organized our work processes based on a risk-based approach conforming to ISO-9001 quality standards. It adds to years of project management experience we accumulated working with hundreds of Customers and Partners from all over the world.
Electronics design project delivery comes in many shapes and forms, all depending on the Client’s needs. Ranging from ready for production ODB data and bill of materials to full-fledged analytical reports covering signal and power integrity as well as the thermal performance of the PCB locked in an enclosure. Sintecs’ project delivery set covers all customers’ needs at each production preparation stage. We keep staying flexible and approachable to project owners’ specific and unique needs while recommending the best practices from a professional point of view.

Why Sintecs?

Highly experienced engineering team
Over 20 years
on the market
Customer-oriented approach
Unique quality-centered workflow
Full-service R&D
First time right

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