Thermal Analysis

Better thermal behavior

High performing electronics consume more and more electric energy which get dissipated through every element of a device. The professional thermal analysis makes this process predictable and controllable and prevents negative consequences.

What-if thermal analysis

Our expertise allows us to pre-simulate possible high-level configurations of a future proof of concept solution. Using the results of a what-if simulation, a manufacturer can make a secure (in terms of heat dissipation control) step from concept to prototype.

Thermal analyses activities

Sintecs provides answers for the entire scope of thermal activities for all phases of your project serving as one source for execution and implementation of all thermal tasks.

We perform the thermal analysis/simulation to estimate temperature rise in different parts of the product and to identify possible impairment of reliability caused by excessive heat.

Choosing the best cooling setup

The engineering approach by Sintecs can help you with choosing between active and passive cooling, copper and aluminium heatsink, the density of fins on a heat spreader, amount and location of vent holes, etc. The thermal analyses focus on:

  • Identifying points of weakness in thermal/mechanical design (hot spots)
  • Looking for zones of stagnation (low cooling efficiency)
  • Identifying overstressed components (junction temperature exceeding established value)

Resolving existing problem with heat dissipation

Sometimes existing thermal problems can be solved without enduring great losses. Finding cost-efficient workarounds can be started with running thermal analysis by Sintecs.

Our way of working

We use proven design methodologies with strict internal guidelines and review processes. At the same time, we have an extreme commitment to your deadlines and have a reputation for being flexible so you can deliver on time.

Your next step

Are you ready to take the next step towards getting in control of your electronics design? Get in touch!

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