Hardware Design

Designing on the edge

Building a high-quality schematic design of a complex electronic device requires a lot of effort from the most talented engineers. This is the foundation defining both the future of the current R&D project and the future of the solution. Sintecs is very passionate and conscientious about hardware design as a service.


Preparing detailed requirements before the R&D stage is insurance both for a product owner and an engineering team. It protects the business idea lying behind from possible misunderstandings and misses.

Grapeboard explosion drawing

Schematic design

The hardware team of Sintecs is built of trustworthy professional engineers with decades of diverse experience related to various projects, customers, markets, and demands. We use only best practices of schematic design supported by up-to-date techniques and technologies, helping to improve the deliverables.

Our way of working

We use proven design methodologies with strict internal guidelines and review processes. At the same time, we have an extreme commitment to your deadlines and have a reputation for being flexible so you can deliver on time.

Your next step

Are you ready to take the next step towards getting in control of your electronics design? Get in touch!

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