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How to find the correct host ID (MAC address) for HyperLynx license

December 27, 2021

What is a MAC address

To install licensing software for HyperLynx by Siemens EDA you will have to extract from the host PC (local one or a network station) a unique 12-character physical address of an ethernet card also known as MAC address. This set of symbols will be required both for Windows and Linux platforms.

Finding host ID in Windows

Open a DOS/Command window by typing Win+R and then cmd command in the Run window

In the window of DOS emulator type ipconfig/all

Look for the physical address assigned to the ethernet adapter.

The correct host ID from the above picture is E4B97AEAB666, which is a result of removing the dash signs.

Note: If the device lists a PPP adapter, DO NOT use the physical address assigned to it.

Finding host ID in Linux

The simplest way in Ubuntu, for example, is to call the terminal window by typing Ctrl+Alt+T. Then use the “ifconfig” utility, type /sbin/ifconfig -a.

This will return information on all network interfaces. Search for the ethernet, ether or Ethernet HWaddr entry, the following 6 pairs of hexadecimal numbers is what you need. Delete the colons and use the string of 12 symbols for setting up the licensing. The correct MAC address on the picture above is 000c29aaaaaa.

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