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Our experience

Sintecs’ team of engineers boasts extensive expertise in Board Support Package (BSP) development, particularly for ARM architecture processors. Adhering to a mature and standards-driven methodology, we ensure the delivery of high-quality solutions tailored to fulfill our clients’ specific requirements. Our process is highly adaptable, capable of accommodating a wide range of projects – from swift prototypes to those demanding stringent process adherence and quality assurance. This disciplined methodology streamlines our process, enabling our engineers to concentrate on effective design and implementation, thereby reducing unnecessary overhead. Sintecs embedded expertise covers the following main areas of embedded software deveolpment:

  1. Operating Systems – Linux, FreeRTOS, Android, ThreadX, MQX, etc.
  2. BSP – Board Support Packages for Various Platforms.
  3. Driver Development and Optimization for Connecting Hardware with Peripheral Modules and External Devices.
  4. Firmware and Embedded Software Testing – Vector Software, KlocWork, Parasoft DTP, etc
  5. Yocto in-depth Expertise – Yocto Layers and Images, System Migration, BSP Customization & Maintenance, Yocto Security, Yocto Device Testing, Yocto IoT Device Cloud Integration and OTA, Yocto SoC Experience, Yocto Tools, etc.
  6. Testing & Quality Assurance

To stay at the forefront of the industry, our embedded software design engineers at Sintecs are committed to continuous learning and innovation. They actively engage with the latest advancements in technologies and methodologies within the realm of embedded software development. This dedication not only enhances our capabilities but also ensures that our clients benefit from the most cutting-edge solutions in the field.

Sintecs has a diverse portfolio, showcasing numerous software solutions developed for equipment based on a range of processors and platforms, including:

The expertise we possess allows us to develop software for various peripheral devices and modules, customize and improve existing solutions: LVDS, HDMI, touch controllers, SPI NOR, NAND, SATA, Ethernet, DVFS, USB OTG, I2C, CAN, PCI Express, Audio, PEB Interfaces, Camera Interfaces, GPU, GPIOs, Thermal sensors, etc.

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Technologies we use

At Sintecs, our Research and Development (R&D) cycle is empowered by an extensive array of cutting-edge technologies and tools, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. Our toolkit includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bootloaders and Firmware: We utilize U-Boot and Barebox for robust and flexible bootloader solutions, essential for initializing hardware and loading operating systems.
  • Operating Systems and Kernels: Our expertise extends to the GNU/Linux kernel, providing a stable and versatile foundation for a wide range of applications.
  • Graphical Frameworks and Libraries: We employ DirectFB for hardware-accelerated graphics, and D-Bus for efficient inter-process communication. GStreamer offers us a powerful framework for handling multimedia, while Qt provides a comprehensive platform for developing graphical user interfaces.
  • Build Systems and Distribution Tools: Our team is proficient in OSELAS ptxdist, Yocto, and Buildroot, which are instrumental in creating custom Linux distributions tailored to specific requirements. OpenWRT is used for developing network solutions.
  • Containerization and Deployment: Docker enables us to create, deploy, and run applications in isolated environments, enhancing portability and consistency across development and production systems. Mender is utilized for secure and efficient over-the-air software updates.

These tools and technologies form the backbone of our R&D process, allowing us to deliver innovative, reliable, and high-performance software solutions. Our commitment to leveraging the latest advancements in these areas ensures that we can meet the evolving needs of our clients and stay ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of software development.

Cyber security

At Sintecs, Cyber Security represents a pinnacle of our expertise, where various specialized areas converge to create robust and advanced solutions. Our offerings in this domain extend to a wide range of clients, including IT companies, defense sectors, national security services, large corporations, and innovative high-tech startups.

Our proficiency in Cyber Security encompasses the development of sophisticated software products and solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sector. For defense and national security services, our focus is on creating highly secure and resilient systems capable of defending against advanced cyber threats. In the corporate realm, we provide solutions that safeguard critical data and infrastructure, while for high-tech startups, our approach is geared towards innovative and scalable security solutions that support their growth and adaptability.

Our strength lies in the seamless integration of both hardware and software security measures. By fostering close collaboration within our teams, we ensure a comprehensive approach to Cyber Security. This holistic strategy enables us to offer support that is not just limited to software development, but also extends to the hardware level, providing an added layer of security.

This dual focus on hardware and software, combined with our team’s deep understanding of the latest Cyber Security trends and threats, positions us uniquely to deliver solutions that are not only effective in today’s digital landscape but also resilient against future challenges. With Sintecs, clients receive a partner committed to safeguarding their digital assets with the most advanced and reliable Cyber Security measures available.

The problems we solve

Complete Linux BSP development: Professional embedded software design for Mainline, Ubuntu, Yocto, L4Re, and other systems.

Linux mainline, Ubuntu, Yocto logos

BSP Boot Time Optimization: Specialized services to reduce the boot time of our devices by optimizing the Board Support Package, ensuring faster system startups which is critical for many applications.

Memory Footprint Reduction: Techniques and strategies to minimize the memory usage of our software, making it more efficient, especially for devices with limited memory resources.

Efficient Multithreading and Concurrency: Developing and optimizing multithreaded applications to improve the performance of our multi-core processors without increasing power consumption.

Dynamic Power and Performance Scaling: Implementing software solutions for dynamic scaling of device performance and power usage based on real-time demands, enhancing battery life and efficiency.

Custom Kernel Module Development: Creating specific Linux kernel modules for specialized functionality, improving performance and adding unique capabilities to our devices.

Hardware Acceleration Integration: Leveraging hardware acceleration (like GPUs or custom ASICs) through software to enhance performance for specific tasks such as graphics processing or AI computations.

Low-Level Code Optimization: Optimizing assembly code and other low-level operations to squeeze out extra performance, particularly important in computationally intensive tasks.

Embedded Database Optimization: Tailoring database solutions for embedded systems to ensure fast, efficient data storage and retrieval, critical for devices with limited computing resources.

Network Protocol Optimization: Enhancing the efficiency of network protocols used by our devices, to improve connectivity and reduce latency, especially in IoT applications.

System-on-Chip (SoC) Software Integration: Developing and optimizing software specifically for SoC architectures to fully utilize their capabilities and improve overall system performance.

Custom Middleware Development: Building middleware solutions that enable better communication and interoperability between different software components and hardware layers in our devices.

Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) Tuning: Fine-tuning RTOS configurations to meet the specific timing and performance requirements of our applications.

Firmware Over-The-Air (OTA) Update Mechanisms: Implementing efficient and secure OTA update mechanisms for firmware, allowing us to continuously improve and secure our devices after deployment.

Resource-Constrained Device Optimization: Specializing in software solutions for devices with severe resource constraints, ensuring they run reliably without sacrificing functionality.

Embedded Analytics and Telemetry: Integrating analytics and telemetry capabilities to gather insights on device performance and usage patterns, aiding in continuous improvement.

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