Why purchasing EDA software from Sintecs is smart?

20 years of experience and the team of professionals we possess will serve your interests when needed
If you have lack of resources, Sintecs is able to expand your team upon request, helping to resolve temporary complications
Access to
components library
Every customer of Sintecs may get access to a big high-quality proprietary database of ECAD library components
Design translation
Existing designs you may have stored in other CAD formats can be carefully translated to a target format with the help of Sintecs

Electronic System Design Tools

Expert Partner Siemens

Sintecs is an independent engineering company authorized as an official distributor of Siemens EDA. We are representing various solutions for the businesses making electronics worldwide.

We operate in the rapidly changing field of electronics, where the speed of innovations is constantly accelerating. Sintecs is driven to assist you in your electronic design automation challenges to enable your engineers to adapt quickly to this dynamic environment.

How to choose a suitable EDA toolset?

When choosing an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) toolset like PADS Professional, Xpedition, you might find it useful to consider the following key factors that would influence the future of your team directly:


Assess your design complexity and project scale. PADS Professional suits small to medium-sized designs, while Xpedition handles larger and complex projects. EDM might be helpful in case if your organization has many projects and requires better data organization and collaboration.


PADS Professional is cost-effective, Xpedition is pricier but has advanced features.


Evaluate specific design features. PADS Professional offers comprehensive design and layout capabilities. Xpedition provides advanced features like multi-board design and high-speed analysis.


Check compatibility with other software and workflows. PADS Professional and Xpedition integrate well with a very wide range of program tools of Siemens EDA. Which means avoiding multiple possible problems with formats and general compatibility.


This of your designs through the prism of time, are you going to use the CAD data again? Will you need to apply updates or release spin-off products? If so, choosing a trusted supplier with long-term traditions would be a right step.


Assess available technical support and user communities. Siemens EDA and Sintecs provide solid support and have a large user base.


Consider future needs and growth. Xpedition scales for complex designs, PADS Professional handles smaller growth, and EDM tools manage data as projects and teams expand.


Do you need support with choosing a suitable solution?

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