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high quality
Sintecs was able to minimize the probability of errors in own design process using analysis intensively, we are ready to share our knowledge
Having enough dedicated SI PI specialists on own team may be very expensive. Sintecs can temporarily expand your team upon request
When providing an independent professional opinion, Sintecs can help your team to make the following designs even better
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Sintect is providing SI trainings regularly, we also consult our customers on how to correctly perform and interpret analysis jobs

Signal Integrity Analysis Tools

Power Integrity Analysis Tools

Сombined SI & PI Bundles

Expert Partner Siemens

Sintecs is an independent engineering company authorized as an official distributor of Siemens EDA. We are representing various solutions for the businesses making electronics worldwide.

We operate in the rapidly changing field of electronics, where the speed of innovations is constantly accelerating. Sintecs is driven to assist you in your electronic design automation challenges to enable your engineers to adapt quickly to this dynamic environment.

How to choose a suitable HyperLynx bundle?

When selecting a suitable Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI), or SI&PI bundle from the HyperLynx product line, consider the following:

  1. Identify your specific needs: Determine whether you require SI analysis, PI analysis, or a combination of both. HyperLynx offers specialized products for SI and PI individually, as well as a combined SI&PI solution.
  2. Assess the design requirements: Evaluate the complexity and frequency of your design. HyperLynx SI DDRx is tailored for high-speed memory interface analysis, making it suitable for designs involving DDRx interfaces. HyperLynx SI GHz focuses on high-frequency analysis for complex designs, including multi-gigabit interfaces.
  3. Consider power integrity: If power integrity is a critical concern in your design, HyperLynx PI DC Drop is designed specifically for analyzing and optimizing power distribution networks. It helps identify voltage drop issues, optimize decoupling capacitor placement, and ensure proper power delivery.
  4. Evaluate bundle options: If your design requires both SI and PI analysis, the HyperLynx SI PI bundle provides a comprehensive solution. It combines SI analysis capabilities with advanced power integrity analysis features, offering a holistic approach to address both signal and power integrity concerns.
  5. Consider your budget and resources: Evaluate the pricing and availability of the different HyperLynx products and bundles. Take into account your budget and the expertise of your team in using the tools effectively.
  6. Consult with experts and references: If needed, seek advice from industry experts or consult references who have experience with the HyperLynx products. Their insights can provide valuable guidance in selecting the most suitable tool for your specific design requirements.


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