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New VX.2.14 Release Updates Xpedition, PADS Professional, HyperLynx

September 11, 2023

In a much-anticipated move, Siemens EDA Electronic Board Systems (EBS), in partnership with Sintecs, is thrilled to announce the release of VX.2.14 for its flagship products, Xpedition, Xpedition IC Packaging, HyperLynx, and PADS Professional. This update marks another significant milestone in Siemens EDA’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and ensuring top-notch release quality.

Xpedition VX.2.14: Empowering Engineers

The latest Xpedition release introduces an array of enhancements that will empower engineers to streamline their design processes. Notable improvements include better integration with Engineering Data Management (EDM), enhanced design reuse capabilities, automated routing, integrated verification tools, and improved documentation accessibility.

PADS Professional VX.2.14: Enhancing Usability and Efficiency

The newest iteration of PADS Professional ushers in a host of exciting enhancements. Cloud applications receive new functionality, while PADS Designer and Layout are optimized for improved usability, performance, and efficiency. These improvements underscore Siemens EDA’s dedication to providing engineers with the best tools for their design needs.

HyperLynx VX.2.14: Elevating Signal Integrity

HyperLynx VX.2.14 is set to revolutionize signal integrity design and verification. This release boasts significant improvements in DDR5 interface design and verification, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, it offers enhanced support for standards-based serial link design and verification, all while seamlessly integrating with Engineering Data Management (EDM) for a more streamlined workflow.

Xpedition IC Packaging VX.2.14: Leading the Way in Package Assembly

Xpedition IC Packaging VX.2.14 focuses on addressing the complexities of heterogeneous integration and the design of next-generation 2.5/3D package assemblies. Engineers can now efficiently prototype, plan, design, and verify intricate package assemblies, pushing the boundaries of innovation in electronics packaging.

Siemens EDA EBS and Sintecs are committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower engineers in the ever-evolving world of electronics design. The VX.2.14 release for Xpedition, Xpedition IC Packaging, HyperLynx, and PADS Professional is a testament to this commitment, offering engineers access to the latest advancements in electronic design automation.

Stay tuned for further details on the VX.2.14 release and how it can benefit your electronic design projects. For inquiries and support, reach out to Sintecs, the official distributor of Siemens EDA in Poland and the Baltic states, and the official global supplier of HyperLynx solutions.

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