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HyperLynx VX.2.14. Release Overview

September 12, 2023

HyperLynx from Siemens EDA offers an integrated set of analysis tools, specifically developed for pre-routing design and post-routing verification. This platform seamlessly merges advanced modeling and simulation methodologies with streamlined, automated workflows, providing a robust solution for mainstream design professionals.

DDR5 RDIMM Support

HyperLynx VX.2.14 supports system-level analysis for DDR5 registered DIMMs. In these DIMMs, address and command signals get buffered at the input, enhancing system throughput. The flow is divided into two parts:

  1. Front-side: Controller to the on-DIMM register (RCD).
  2. Back-side: RCD to the DRAMs. Each section operates unidirectionally.

Data signals, unlike address/command ones, run directly between the controller and DRAMs, maintaining bidirectionality.

Note: Different signal types use unique eye masks—address/command signals with a diamond mask, and control signals with a rectangle.

HyperLynx: Standards Protocol Compliance Analysis Explained

HyperLynx offers a vital component for serial links: the Standards Protocol Compliance Analysis. But what distinguishes it from IBIS-AMI simulation, and why is it indispensable?

1. What is Compliance Analysis? Compliance Analysis zeroes in on the channel, devoid of vendor-specific IP. This independence means it can function even in the absence of IBIS-AMI models. Its primary goal is to validate that the channel adheres to the standards outlined in the relevant protocol spec. If both your SerDes transmitter and receiver satisfy these standards, and your channel passes Compliance Analysis, you can trust your real channel to operate efficiently.

2. Detailed Insightful Reports HyperLynx Compliance Analysis delivers an in-depth report highlighting the channels that passed or failed, providing clarity on areas requiring attention.

3. Wide Protocol Support Boasting support for 237 unique protocols and variants, HyperLynx stands as the industry’s frontrunner in standards-based support.

Serder Wizard Window
HyperLynx Eye Diagram

HyperLynx Integration with Xpedition EDM

  • Design Version Clarity: Easily track which simulations were conducted on specific design versions.
  • Reliable Records: Securely maintain a consistent record of simulation results, aiding in troubleshooting and debugging, even if challenges arise years down the line.
  • Selective Archiving with EDM: EDM empowers you to selectively archive simulation outcomes, ensuring you save only the essential data

Other Improvements

  • Software documentation is available online with better support and search.
  • Multiple HyperLynx workshops are available now on Support Center: HyperLynx DRC, DDR Design and Verification, SerDes-Based Design and Verification, PDN Design and Verification, HyperLynx Advanced Solvers, Analog/Mixed Signal Design and Verification.

For inquiries and support, reach out to Sintecs, the official distributor of Siemens EDA in Poland and the Baltic states, and the official global supplier of HyperLynx solutions.

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