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Sintecs Collaboration Program Offer:
Excellence in Embedded Software Development

February 8, 2024

Exclusive Offer for Product Teams

In the competitive world of electronics products R&D, staying ahead requires more than just innovation; it demands partnership with experienced leaders in the field. Sintecs is presenting a special, limited-resource offer to companies seeking to either develop new products, enhance existing ones, or augment their software teams. Benefit from our vast expertise and skilled engineers in embedded software development and cyber security to propel your projects forward.

Offering Details

  1. Complimentary in-depth project evaluation: Jumpstart your project with a free, detailed evaluation from our experts. We’ll assess specific needs of your product and outline a strategic approach tailored to your solution.
  2. Free of charge professional consultation from Sintecs’ experienced software engineers and architects, offering expert guidance tailored to your project’s needs
  3. High project start priority to ensure that your product gets required dedicated attention immediately for faster product release.
  4. Extended post-deployment support ensuring your products perform optimally in real-world conditions.

Why Choose Sintecs?

Sintecs specializes in ARM processors and BSP development, providing robust and reliable foundations for your products. Our team’s expertise ensures high-quality solutions tailored to specific needs. We focus on innovative, custom solutions across various processor platforms and peripheral devices. Our approach is flexible, designed to meet unique project requirements efficiently.

Cyber security is a top priority at Sintecs. We integrate hardware and software measures to protect digital assets against evolving cyber threats, offering clients security and peace of mind.

This offer from Sintecs is a limited opportunity to access our expertise in embedded software development and cyber security. Contact us to enhance your products with advanced, reliable solutions. Let’s work together to push the boundaries of technology.

Interested? Your Next Steps

Learn more about Embedded Software Development service of Sintecs or Contact us

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