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Release of HyperLynx Connector for Altium

February 17, 2023

Sintecs is glad to inform thousands of users of HyperLynx Connector, that the new version of the application now includes power integrity functionality in addition to signal integrity simulation setup capabilities, enabling users to set up power nets for power integrity DC prop analysis. This means that Altium users would be able to run SI simulations and PI DC Drop simulations right from the environment so familiar to them.

The non-exhaustive list of new features of HyperLynx Connector for Altium:

  • Helps to set up power nets for power integrity DC prop analysis.
  • Identifies power nets from the source IC to supply ICs including all inductors and resistors in the chain.
  • Allows filling of voltages for power nets you want to redefine.
  • Shows all ICs that are connected to a power net, including series components, in a table with the ability to add any parameter from the project for better navigation.
  • Double-clicking on a component allows cross-probing through the scheme or PCB design.
  • Allows selecting the value of the resistor and adding them for nets with a sense resistor in line.
  • Allows adding a return net in the simulation via the Refnet menu.
  • Automatically sets all information for starting the simulation.
  • Includes a reference net in the simulation if needed.
  • Allows start of HyperLynx simulations right from Altium.
  • Allows opening the result and checking Current density data when the simulation is ready.
  • Allows inspecting a power net on each layer individually by switching the layers.
  • Shows how current flows in your board, enabling easy layout modification to improve power planes and reduce power loss in the PCB.
  • Allows defining the number of vias needed and their position on the board.

This new feature in the HyperLynx Connector provides Altium users with greater power integrity functionality, improving their ability to analyze and optimize power nets for optimal performance.

To ask additional questions, please contact Sintecs.

Update of March 11, 2013

HyperLynx Connector has been updated again, the current version under the index has multiple improvements implemented, increasing the stability and convenience of using the Altium extension. Here is the list of key changes:

  • Added the possibility of changing the width of table columns everywhere.
  • Added deleting Value and IBIS models by pressing “Del” in all selected lines.
  • Added crossprobing: double click on PowerNet and NetRules displays the circuit on the board.
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