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New PADS Professional Premium DFM

June 27, 2023

Sintecs is happy to introduce  PADS Professional Premium DFM – a new solution that brings world-class, comprehensive Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis directly into your PADS Professional environment.

Just as the regular PADS Professional Premium, the new product with the added “DFM” ending contains everything offered with PADS Professional Premium including:

  • schematic capture
  • PCB designer
  • pre- and post-layout simulation
  • analog- / mixed-signal simulation
  • cloud-based data management and collaboration
  • integration with multiple component distributors
  • part research, selection, and downloadable part symbols and footprints

Besides, the solution allows you unlimited access to fabrication analysis performed by Siemens EDA’s cloud-based Valor DFM engine, from the comfort of your familiar eCAD software. You don’t need to leave the cockpit of PADS Professional to run the analysis and review the results. The DFM engine runs on the Siemens PCBflow cloud, so you can be assured that you’re accessing the latest version and analysis algorithms. The results are instantly available directly in the PADS Professional Hazard Viewer.

To sum up, there are at least 5 good reasons to give PADS Professional Premium DFM a try:

  1. Seamless Integration: PADS Professional Premium DFM seamlessly integrates with popular electronic design automation (EDA) tools, enabling a smooth transition from the design phase to manufacturing. This integration ensures data consistency and eliminates unnecessary manual conversions, reducing errors and saving valuable time.
  2. Possibility to Analyse Design Early: By leveraging advanced DFM algorithms, PADS Professional Premium DFM provides real-time feedback and comprehensive analysis of design files. It proactively identifies potential manufacturing issues, such as spacing violations, solder mask overlaps, and component placement conflicts, allowing designers to rectify these issues early in the design process.
  3. Manufacturing Rules Optimization: The solution offers a robust set of rules and constraints specific to the selected manufacturing environment. These rules can be customized to align with your specific fabrication and assembly processes, ensuring that designs are optimized for seamless production.
  4. Better Collaboration and Communication: PADS Professional Premium DFM fosters collaboration between design and manufacturing teams. It facilitates effective communication by providing detailed reports, highlighting potential DFM violations and suggesting design modifications. This collaboration ensures that designs are manufacturable, eliminating unnecessary iterations and rework.
  5. Enhanced Design Review Opportunities: The software enables comprehensive design reviews by generating easy-to-understand visualizations and reports. This empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and provides a clear understanding of design intent, manufacturability, and potential yield issues.

Your subscription to PADS Professional Premium DFM includes 12 months of unlimited access to Design for Fabrication Analysis, which allows you to test your designs for manufacturability as often as you like.  

To get a free trial license of PADS Professional DFM or to ask additional questions, please contact Sintecs via

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