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PADS Professional VX.2.14, Release Overview

September 18, 2023

Siemens EDA gas just presented the latest PADS Professional VX.2.14. All the main benefits of PADS Professional were saved and amplified:

  1. Tailored for Versatile PCB Engineers: Created especially for independent, multi-discipline PCB engineers, PADS Professional is equipped with Xpedition® Technology. This offers the capability to manage even the most challenging and intricate designs.
  2. Powerful Yet Affordable: PADS Professional® stands out as a high-performance solution that doesn’t break the bank.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: With its easy navigation, PADS Professional ensures users can swiftly find their way around.
  4. Flexible for All Users: Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, PADS Professional has been crafted to serve your needs. Experienced users will find the advanced functionalities they require, while new users can quickly become proficient due to its intuitive design.
  5. Holistic Design Flow: PADS Professional® allows you to seamlessly design, validate, and produce PCB-centric systems, extending to FPGA devices.
  6. Exclusive Training for Support Contract Holders: If you’re a PADS or PADS Pro user with a Support Contract, enjoy complimentary On-Demand Training to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Connect for PADS Professional Features

  • Innovative Collaboration Panel: Now includes markups, annotations, and linked notes for better communication.
  • MS Teams Integration: Seamlessly collaborate within your Microsoft Teams environment.
  • Improved Check-In Process: Streamlining your workflow even further.
  • Enhanced Integration: Now syncs effortlessly with both PADS Professional Premium and DFM.

Part Quest Portal Upgrades

  • Better Integration: Now with more in-depth connectivity to PADS Professional DFM.
  • Siemens Supplyframe Enhancements: Regularly updated with new parts and suppliers to keep your designs cutting-edge

PartQuest Explore Features

  • Seamless Export Capability: Transfer your designs from PartQuest Explore directly into PADS Professional Designer.
  • Inclusive ECAD Models: These models are now integrated into the export function for your convenience.

PADS Professional Designer Updates

  • Refined Renumbering: The Reference Designator feature has been enhanced.
  • Advanced Control: Users now have a fully controllable process to apply Ref Designator patterns. This includes various directions, prefixes/suffixes, and scope options.

PADS Professional Layout – VX.2.14 Release Highlights

With the VX.2.14 release, users can expect a renewed emphasis on:

  • Physical Reuse: Streamlining the reutilization of design elements.
  • Routing & Design: Focused enhancements to elevate your PCB layouts.
  • MCAD Collaborator: For a smoother multi-disciplinary collaboration experience.
  • Performance Boosts: Optimizations to ensure the tool runs even faster.
  • Other General Improvements.

For inquiries and support, reach out to Sintecs, the official distributor of Siemens EDA in Poland and the Baltic states, and the official global supplier of HyperLynx solutions.

Engineering excellence with Sintecs. We supply and apply EDA solutions!

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