Sintecs and NXP
Innovative Partners

NXP Gold Partner

Sintecs has been a long-term R&D partner with NXP, focusing on integrating NXP’s semiconductor technologies into various product solutions. With the Gold Partner status of Sintecs meaning early access to new products and extensive technical support from NXP, our company is able to enhance electronic systems for product businesses across various industries.

Sintecs leverages NXP’s offerings to improve system performance and reliability, adhering to industry standards and requirements.

Sintecs has developed significant expertise in building electronic devices using NXP’s i.MX and Layerscape solutions. This collaboration spans industries like secure communications, automotive, and industrial sectors. The ongoing partnership with NXP focuses on technological innovation to meet evolving market needs. Sintecs customers benefit from leveraging NXP’s technology for advanced, reliable, and secure solutions that adhere to quality and performance standards.

Industry NXP Integration by Sintecs

Secure communications
Industrial automation
Computer vision
Medical electronics


i.MX6 SMARC System-on-Module (SOM)

In the creation of the i.MX6S/D/Q System on Module, Sintecs executed a meticulous CAD design process using Siemens EDA Xpedition toolset. This entailed a detailed focus on high-speed board design elements such as Signal Integrity, DDRx timing, Power Integrity, and Thermal management. The project was characterized by its emphasis on precision and efficiency, integrating Design For Manufacturing & Assembly (DFM&A) to ensure optimal functionality and manufacturability. This formal and concise approach underscored Sintecs’ commitment to excellence in PCB systems design and awareness of specific design requirements from NXP’s products.

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Selected NXP Based Projects

TrustSOM 200 on LS1028A

Sintecs developed a 50×50 mm industrial SOM featuring TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and 4 GiB of DDR onboard. This module is designed for building secure network solutions applicable in communication and automation.

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Grapeboard on LS1012 SOM

Grapeboard, is a Raspberry Pi 3-sized secure communication device, offering Ethernet, PCIe, SATA, USB, and Wi-Fi/BLE for efficient networking. It features an NXP QorlQ LS1012A 800MHz processor, 1GB DDR3L memory, 512MB NOR Flash, and 8MB SQI Flash, suitable for routers, media gateways, or enterprise access points.

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