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Multi-board verification added to Schematic integrity AI analysis

February 5, 2024

Sintecs invites engineers and R&D managers to experience the enhanced capabilities of our Schematic Integrity AI Analysis. Our updated service is at the forefront of reducing schematic errors, thereby decreasing time on re-production of prototypes and looking for errors in a schematic design.

Support of multi-board schematic verification

A standout feature of our latest update is the automated multi-board system verification. This advanced functionality seamlessly evaluates systems comprising two or three electronic boards interconnected through connectors with the defined and known pinouts. For an effective simulation, the analysis requires the netlists of the boards and their respective bills of materials (BOMs).

Latest Enhancements in Schematic Integrity AI Analysis

  1. BOM Obsolescence Control: We now offer comprehensive insights into components nearing their end-of-life, and alert you about components no longer recommended for new designs.
  2. Lead Time Control: Stay informed about the availability and procurement timelines for parts listed in your BOM, helping you manage project timelines more effectively.
  3. Termination Resistor Verification: Our system now checks termination resistors for differential lines, LVDS, and RS485 data pins.
  4. Differential Lines Mix-Up Control: Prevent errors in differential line configurations.
  5. Voltage Supply Compatibility Checks for Buffers: Ensure all buffers are compatible with their voltage supplies.
  6. Package Match Verification for Passive Components: We cross-verify that the package types in the netlist and BOM are consistent.
  7. Capacitor Control on Crystals’ Pins: Our analysis includes checks for capacitors on crystals’ pins.
  8. Logic Pins Control: We verify the availability of pull-down resistors on logic pins, including gate, enable, reset, and address.

Try Schematic Integrity AI Analysis for Free

Sintecs is pleased to offer the first simulation at no cost. This is an excellent opportunity for users to experience the precision and efficiency of our AI-driven analysis. To begin your trial verification, reach out to us today at Discover how our cutting-edge technology can streamline your design process and elevate your projects.

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