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Sintecs Included in ECE Top 250 2024

June 11, 2024

Sintecs is proud to announce its inclusion in the prestigious ECE Top 250 2024, a testament to its remarkable growth and innovation. The Top 250, curated by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, highlights the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands, celebrating their significant contributions to the local economy and society.

The Top 250 Insights Report for 2024 reveals several important trends, including an increase in the average age of the companies featured, indicating evolving growth trajectories for Dutch startups. Additionally, there has been a notable rise in the geographical diversity of the companies, with South Holland seeing a significant increase in representation.

Sintecs’ inclusion in this esteemed list underscores its commitment to driving innovation and creating a positive societal impact. The company is dedicated to developing disruptive business models in the field of electronics design and contributing to job creation, aligning with the broader trends highlighted in the report.

Nearly half of the Top 250 companies are actively engaged in sustainability, with the ‘Energy & Water’ sector ranking among the top three sectors. This reflects the growing importance of capturing opportunities in the energy transition and serves as an inspiration for many entrepreneurs.

The ECE Top 250 also emphasizes the progress in gender diversity, with over 30% of the companies having at least one woman in a top leadership role. This aligns with international initiatives to support women entrepreneurs and highlights the ongoing efforts to close the gender gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sintecs is honored to be part of this dynamic group of high-growth organizations and looks forward to continuing its journey of innovation and growth. The recognition by the ECE Top 250 reinforces Sintecs’ position as a leader in its field and a key player in driving economic and societal development in the Netherlands.

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