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Training Courses From Siemens EDA Learning Center

May 15, 2024

On behalf of Siemens EDA, a long-term partner of Sintecs, we are pleased to announce several valuable updates to Siemens EDA’s training programs.

If you are in the process of determining the most suitable learning path among Siemens EDA’s diverse product offerings, we provide comprehensive learning maps to help you identify which courses and sequences will best support your goals. Click on the image below to check out the maps:

For those who are ready to embark on a specific course tailored to a particular Siemens EDA product, you can explore the complete list of On-Demand Trainings (ODTs) here: Siemens EDA ODT Courses.

Upon completing Siemens EDA training courses, you will receive a badge certifying your newly acquired skills. This certification is a valuable addition to your LinkedIn profile or CV, enhancing the visibility of your expertise to colleagues and potential employers.

Recent Updates to Siemens EDA Training Programs:

  1. Calibre XRC Training Course Update: Learn how to use the powerful Calibre xRC tool to extract parasitic information from your IC layouts.
  2. New On-Demand Training Courses:
    1. Calibre Multi-Patterning
    2. Calibre Using DRC/LVS Rules
    3. Questa Core/Visualizer Advanced Topics
    4. UVM Advanced
    5. VIQ Coverage Analysis
  3. Tessent Training Courses:
    1. Tessent Hybrid TK/LBIST
    2. Tessent Shell Automation
    3. Tessent SiliconInsight
  4. HyperLynx DDR5 Interface Analysis: New ODT course available.
  5. Major VX 2.14 Updates:
    1. HyperLynx SI
    2. Constraint
    3. PCB Layout
    4. HyperLynx PI
    5. Substrate Integration

For more detailed information about the available learning programs, please visit the Siemens EDA Learning Services webpage.

We are committed to providing the best training resources to help you achieve your professional goals with Siemens EDA products.

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