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HyperLynx Price Change Announcement

October 12, 2022

Siemens EDA is constantly improving HyperLynx products both in terms of simulations accuracy and convenience of users using the application, improving respectively the quality of electronic designs HyperLynx helps to complete. To still keep being able to enhance the toolings we are announcing HyperLynx price change. Important to note that the changes will affect only new customers. For existing customers, the raise will be applicable starting from June 1, 2023.

Starting from November 1 2022 the following fixed prices will be available for customers:

The costs of the bundles HyperLynx SI DDRx, HyperLynx SI GHz, and HyperLynx SI/PI are not a subject for publishing but can be unveiled upon private request. 

Still, HyperLynx Connector and IBIS Development Studio developed by Sintecs remain freeware solutions with technical support available for customers who buy HyperLynx from Sintecs.

Sintecs is a unique specialized distributor of HyperLynx solutions. Sintecs’ engineering team uses HyperLynx every day to improve the quality of electronics our partners release on the market. Contact us for more details.

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