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Comparison of HyperLynx bundles for signal integrity analysis

November 18, 2021

HyperLynx is a series of software solutions from Siemens EDA for the simulation of electromagnetic effects in complex electronics devices. The packages related specifically to signal integrity (SI) are limited in number but hardly recognizable by the widespread public. Within this article, we want to navigate users and help with choosing the most suitable package available.

By the way, back in October 2020, Sintecs became an authorized distributor of HyperLynx globally. Having a team of professional signal and power integrity engineers allows us to support our customers using HyperLynx on the highest level of expertise.

HyperLynx SI solutions from Siemens EDA available on the market

HyperLynx SI ALT is a basic bundle suitable for the essential type of simulations. It has both LineSim for pre-layout simulations and BoardSim for post-layout. SI characteristics of specific packages can be imported exclusively in IBIS format. The bundle costs only 1499 Euro during the time of promo, and this is by far the most affordable SI solution on the market.

HyperLynx SI DDRx is a more advanced solution that focuses on the verification of the DDR interface. The S-parameter models can already be used. However, the SerDes analysis tool is still not included.

HyperLynx SI GHz is a top bundle available as a standalone solution or with the fullest HyperLynx SI PI bundle. It has all the tools a professional SI specialist may need for running simulations over a PCB.

HyperLynx SI comparison chart

 HyperLynx SI ALTHyperLynx SI DDRxHyperLynx SI GHz
Pre-layout simulations (LineSim)+++
Post-layout simulations (BoardSim)+++
IBIS simulations, stackup editing, EMC, Multiboard+++
Loss and Crosstalk import, use S-parameter models in simulations ++
DDRx wizard, integrated SI and timing verification, DDR5 and LPDDR5 with IBIS-AMI models, advanced DDRx AMI ++
Pulse response simulation (model free) ++
EZWave waveform display ++
Support SPICE / ADMS simulation engines  +
SerDes analysis (Compliance Wizard with more than 100 protocols supported, post-layout SerDes extraction, IBIS-AMI simulation support, FastEye simulation)  +
Support via backdrilling, surface roughness trace modelling  +
S-parameter generation, Touchstone Viewer, metrics  +
Integrated 3D EM via modelling for simple via configuration  +

How to buy a license

Both with a free trial period or without purchasing a license of HyperLynx you will need to send us the MAC address and the date when you wish to start using the software. After the routine paper exchange, we deliver the license within 1 working week. Just call us!

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