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To ensure design requirements are met, it’s essential to track them from the initial specification through RTL description to the verification results, which is a crucial practice in any requirements-based design workflow. ReqTracer from Siemens EDA simplifies the implementation and tracking of a requirements-driven project development process.

ReqTracer offers an interactive tool to assist in implementing and tracking a requirements-driven project development process, supporting ongoing process improvement.

ReqTracer is an effective solution for managing requirements traceability and impact analysis throughout the hardware and software project lifecycles. It simplifies and automates requirements traceability from the hardware specification through HDL coding, implementation, and validation.

ReqTracer offers comprehensive tracing of requirements into design source and verification results, ensuring a verified implementation that meets regulatory compliance standards.

ReqTracer connects design specifications with requirements, improving productivity and effectiveness for both traditional (directed test) and advanced verification processes.


  • Linking all project documents with design, verification, and implementation tools.
  • Tracing requirements throughout the entire design lifecycle.
  • Assessing and managing the impact of requirement changes.
  • Enhancing communication with visualizations and intuitive, automated status reports.
  • Maximize efficiency and ensure seamless project integration with ReqTracer.


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